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The official Pokémon of Japan website has revealed information about the upcoming movie event Mewtwo. This Mewtwo will be distributed at all Pokémon Centers in Japan to players who preordered tickets to the 16th Pokémon Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: M...
As part of the Korean 2013 Nationals, 5 Pokemon: Dragonite, Scizor, Tyranitar, Metagross, and Garchomp will be given out. Distribution days announced so far are February 24 (1pm - 6pm), March 30 (1pm - 6pm), and April 20. They are distributed via I...
Our alarm woke us at 5 AM on the morning of Sunday, January 20th. By this time, the US Pokemon Regionals had already been well underway with events for the TCG starting Friday night and the actual TCG tournament had begun on Saturday.  We wer...
Reflecting about Pokemon White and Black: Road to X/Y, speculation about upcoming games and videogame history by your frient B€tntley You may not know this if you haven't hang around in the Pokemon Plus forums for sometime, but I've been quite...


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April Giveaway #2 - VGC Shiny Eevee

Forum Giveaways 01 Apr 2013
April Giveaway #2 - VGC Shiny Eevee (Gen X) VGC Shiny Eevee Name: Eevee Format: Gen X OT: VGC10 | ID: 05080 Nature: Hardy | Ability: Adaptability | Type: Normal Move Set: Iron Tail | Trump Card | Flail | Quick Attack Level: 50 Event Period: April 1st - April 30th, 2013. How can I enter to w...
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.Pkm of the Month: VGC 2012 Flying Pikachu

Pokemon Information Event Information
Memo Apparently had a fateful encounter at lv. 50. Ribbon Event Ribbon
Pikachu #025 Location Worlds 2012 Ball Cherish Ball
Type OT WORLD2012 Held Item Light Ball
Gender Female ID 08122 Moveset Fly
Level 50 SID 000000 Thunderbolt
Nature Timid Date 08.12.2012 Grass Knot
Ability Lightningrod Rarity ★★★☆☆ Protect
Games B/W Shiny This event Pokemon cannot be shiny. Format Gen V
Event Description This Pikachu was distributed at the Pokémon World Championships in Waikoloa, Hawaii. .Pkm Download

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