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English French German Italian Japanese Korean Spanish Increased Stat Decreased Stat Liked Flavor Disliked Flavor
Adamant Rigide Hart Decisa いじっぱり 고집 Firme Attack Sp. Attack Spicy Dry
Bashful Pudique Zaghaft Ritrosa てれや 수줍은 Tímida None None None None
Bold Assuré Kühn Sicura ずぶとい 대담 Osada Defense Attack Sour Spicy
Brave Brave Mutig Audace ゆうかん 용감 Audaz Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
Calm Calme Still Calma おだやか 차분 Serena Sp. Defense Attack Bitter Spicy
Careful Prudent Sacht Cauta しんちょう 신중 Cauta Sp. Defense Sp. Attack Bitter Dry
Docile Docile Sanft Docile すなお 온순 Dócil None None None None
Gentle Gentil Zart Gentile おとなしい 얌전 Amable Sp. Defense Defense Bitter Sour
Hardy Hardi Robust Ardita がんばりや 노력 Fuerte None None None None
Hasty Pressé Hastig Lesta せっかち 성급 Activa Speed Defense Sweet Sour
Impish Malin Pfiffig Scaltra わんぱく 장난꾸러기 Agitada Defense Sp. Attack Sour Dry
Jolly Jovial Froh Allegra ようき 명랑 Alegre Speed Sp. Attack Sweet Dry
Lax Lâche Lasch Fiacca のうてんき 촐랑 Floja Defense Sp. Defense Sour Bitter
Lonely Solo Solo Schiva さみしがり 외로움 Huraña Attack Defense Spicy Sour
Mild Doux Mild Mite おっとり 의젓 Afable Sp. Attack Defense Dry Sour
Modest Modeste Mäßig Modesta ひかえめ 조심 Modesta Sp. Attack Attack Dry Spicy
Naive Naïf Naiv Ingenua むじゃき 천진난만 Ingenua Speed Sp. Defense Sweet Bitter
Naughty Mauvais Frech Birbona やんちゃ 개구쟁이 Pícara Attack Sp. Defense Spicy Bitter
Quiet Discret Ruhig Quieta れいせい 냉정 Mansa Sp. Attack Speed Dry Sweet
Quirky Bizarre Kauzig Furba きまぐれ 변덕 Rara None None None None
Rash Foufou Hitzig Ardente うっかりや 덜렁 Alocada Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Dry Bitter
Relaxed Relax Locker Placida のんき 무사태평 Plácida Defense Speed Sour Sweet
Sassy Malpoli Forsch Vivace なまいき 건방 Grosera Sp. Defense Speed Bitter Sweet
Serious Sérieux Ernst Seria まじめ 성실 Seria None None None None
Timid Timide Scheu Timida おくびょう 겁쟁이 Miedosa Speed Attack Sweet Spicy

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