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Pokemon Plus offer a large range of Pokemon related guides, from advanced game mechanic guides, to the basics, such as Wi-Fi trading. All of the Pokemon Plus guides are very easy to follow and understand, and offer the most accurate information on the web.

You can get started by using the sidebar to select a guide that is of interest to you.

Featured Guide: Cloning / .Pkm

Ever wanted to clone your Pokemon? Maybe even store your Pokemon in a safe place other than your game cartridge? By utilizing .Pkm files you can do both of these things.

This guide will teach you how turn your existing Pokemon in to .Pkm files, which can be stored on your computer, and sent to your game cartridge at any time.

.Pkm files are a great way to store, clone and collect Pokemon. By reading this tutorial and learning how to use .Pkm files you will also be able to take advantage of our .Pkm contributions forum, which offers a large range of legitimate and rare .Pkm files.

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