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Step One: Downloads

In order to clone and convert your Pokemon in to .Pkm files you will first need to have the required software installed. Below you will find links to the software that is needed for this tutorial. All downloadable software is 100% virus free.

Before proceeding you should make sure that you have downloaded the files needed for this tutorial.

Step Two: Running IR-GTS

Now that you have IR-GTS you can go ahead and run the file. You must run IR-GTS with fill administrative privileges (right click > Run as Administrator).

Once you have IR-GTS running succesfully you will see DNS instructions and .Pkm options. If you have done everything above then your IR-GTS window should look like the below image (click for full size):


Step Three: Configuring your DNS Settings

If you take a look at your IR-GTS window you will see the following message "Please set your DS's DNS server to: (Your DNS). In my case I must set my DNS to

In order to change your DNS you must go to your DS home screen, and navigate to the System Settings tab. Once you have entered the System Settings you will need to select 'Internet Settings' and then 'Connection Settings'. Once in the connection settings tab you will see the 'DNS' button. Tap this button, set auto obtain DNS to no and enter the DNS address that was given to your by IR-GTS.

A quick summary for changing your DNS Settings.

System Settings > Internet Settings > Connection Settings > Current Connection > Edit Connection > DNS Settings > Auto Obtain: No > Enter Supplied DNS.

Step Four: GTS and Retrieve .Pkm

Now It's time to send .Pkm data from your game to your IR GTS Directory. In order to do this you will need to go back to your IR GTS window, type 'r' and click enter. You should now receive the following message: 'Ready to receive from NDS'. When you see this message you can head over to the GTS.

Enter the GTS like you normally would and place one of your Pokemon on offer. This will be the Pokemon that you want to clone. Do not worry, you will not lose the selected Pokemon, instead you will receive an error message telling you that the Pokemon can not be offered.

Now If you look back at IR GTS you will see a message stating that the .Pkm data for the selected Pokemon has been saved. You can find the .Pkm file for the selected Pokemon in your IR GTS Directory.

IR GTS > Pokemon > PokemonName.Pkm

Step Five: GTS and Send .Pkm

Now It's time to create the clone by sending the .Pkm file that you just received back to your game.

In order to do this you must exit the GTS, go back to IR GTS, type 's' and hit enter. You should now see the following message from IR GTS 'Enter the path or drag the pkm file here', so you can now drag the .Pkm file in to the IR GTS window and hit enter.

You should now see the following message 'Ready to send; you can now enter the GTS'. After seeing this message you must enter the GTS.

Upon entering the GTS you will receive the Pokemon that was stored in .Pkm format. If you now go back to your PC box you will see the original Pokemon, as well as the clone.

If you would like to create more than one clone then you can continue to repeat this process.

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