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Strongest Class Events Korean [B2W2 Event]

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As part of the Korean 2013 Nationals, 5 Pokemon: Dragonite, Scizor, Tyranitar, Metagross, and Garchomp will be given out.

Distribution days announced so far are February 24 (1pm - 6pm), March 30 (1pm - 6pm), and April 20.

They are distributed via Infrared Connection.



Awesome. I'm very excited for these, and will hopefully have them posted in the premium section upon release. Post has been promoted to an article.
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also they are for black 2 and white 2 only same as their japanese counterparts
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Omg , I am so looking foward to it , btw so kevin24 when ya say that its for Japanese counterparts what do ya mean ?
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the japanese versions which are the same events but now in korean
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Oh ok , I understand what ya mean now , hope to see it in the points shop next month , :)
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Excellent, I already got some from the japanese version, I really hope to get that Metagross :)
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This one is awesome! Can't agree more with DR if this comes out on point shop next month..I will surely want it.
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I really want to get that dragonite!D:
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